Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020


An effective flea product that will protect you and your family from pet insecticides is a pill that circulates in your dog’s bloodstream and kills fleas when they bite your dog.

Comfortis is one of these pills. It works fast and costs about the same as Frontline. Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis and is an environmentally friendly chewable beef flavored tablet. It is safe for dogs and puppies 14 weeks and older and typically takes about 30 minutes to begin working. You administer the dosage based on your dog’s weight prescribed by your veterinarian.

Comfortis flea pill

Comfortis flea pill

You can play with your dog immediately after giving the treatment, and there is no mess.
Comfortis is approved by the FDA. The most common reaction with this treatment is vomiting. Other reactions are decreased appetite, increased thirst, diarreah, increased appetite, hyperactivity and excessive salivization.
This product is provided only by your verterinarian. Be sure to ask your vet for more details to see if this is right for you.