Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Dog Has Fleas

It is an all too common scenario. You are not alone. The bad thing about having fleas is they can be so hard to get rid of once you have an infestion in your home. By the time you may realize you have a problem they are probably everywhere you don’t want them to be, which is everywhere in your home! You have to treat your dog, your bedding, your carpet, your furniture.

The first sign that you dog has fleas is that you may notice excessive itching, scratching, and you may even here some whimpering. This is because a flea will feed off the blood of your dog. They will crawl around on his fur, skin and agitate him immensely. You may even begin to see bare spots or scabs on your dog from the flea bites.

If you have bare or maybe even hardwood floors you can look for something similar to dirty salt and pepper. You can also pick it up in your vacuum cleaner and have a look. It sounds gross, but if you were to take this ‘dirt’ and rub it between your fingers with a small amount of water, you will see red. This is just another way to tell how bad the infestation may be. And the red just so happens to be blood by the way. This is because flea feces contains dried blood.

Though fleas only prefer high temperatures, some eggs will remain on your dog’s fur while others will fall off. This is how the nuisance spreads. You will find a great many of them in your dog’s bedding, in your carpet, your bedding, furniture, and anywhere else your dog may go in your home.

There are many ways to prevent dog fleas, like with dog flea treatment’s, collars, shampoos, spot treatments, to name some. But the truth is, we are all vulnerable to this problem when we choose to have pets.  If we just take the right precautions we can enjoy and love our dogs a little easier.